My twins are two. TWO! Somewhere shortly after their first birthday we entered a wormhole and landed a day before their second birthday. I have no idea where the last year went. They’re amazing little dudes, my little dudes. And they make me ill with worry, blood pound with frustration, eat my words every day, and my heart burst with love every single day of their lives.  Although I am probably more tired now than a human being ever should be, I can’t imagine life being any different and more rewarding than it is watching them become little people.

So Happy Birthday, little dudes. I love you both so very, very much. Looking forward to all the things you’re going to learn this year. And let’s work on a few things.. learning english? potty time? not running in separate directions (although I suspect you’re working hard on your divide and conquer tactics)? Mostly, just be the sweet little things you are. xoxoxoxo, Maaaaah-me.


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