Water Therapy

In my head I am an environmentally conscious person. In practice I got a bit gleeful about throwing things into the giant reno bin on my front lawn and now it’s filled with perfectly recyclable cardboard. But mostly I try to drive less, consume less, buy local, avoid plastic. It’s still a wonder to me that my entire living room is filled wall to wall with plastic children’s toys, but I think they breed in the night.

I used to scorn the ideal of the old dude with the Roundup backpack spraying the shit out of his lawn and cleaning everything on his property and organizing his garage. I still won’t do the Roundup and I will break my back to dig out dandelions (or later in the season just learn to make friends with them and fantasize about making dandelion wine while drinking an actual bottle of wine in my hammock). I do see the benefits of having a clean garage (see: bin full of cardboard above. A whole other car can now be fit into the garage after I got rid of it. It’s a 3 car garage; there’s no excuse), although I have a long way to go before I have a garage that could actually be considered organized or functional.

But I love power washing.

My Dad lent me his power washer last summer and our water bill went up about 300% that month. The minute I got the kids down in bed I would be out washing away all the stress and tension of the day. When my dad asked for the power washer back a few weeks later I hoarded it away like Gollum’s prize stalled and told him I still had a few things to wash. He frowned and said “your place looks pretty clean.” Eventually I had to give it back, but it was the fall and there was no need to power wash anymore. Sensing that he would lose another season of power washing himself, he got me a power washer of my very own for Christmas. We had a long winter, but it was made all the longer in anticipation of busting out my shiny new power washer.

Yesterday was that day. As I was blasting everything out yesterday my neighbor stopped by for a chat and I was pleased to learn that I am not the only one who finds it therapeutic. Oh sweet jeebus, I love blasting away all the dust and debris from my front porch. It’s as though I am blasting out the dark corners of my very soul. That grody stain on the deck from the dog eating garbage the time I left the gate open? Gone. The dusty film that I cringe over every time my kids stop to play with the Lee Valley shovels on our front deck? Gone. That bird poop stain on my office window that plagued me all winter? Gone. I can literally power wash away all those annoyances that chip away at my day.

So if you see me out with my power washer, know that I am in my happy place and let me power wash my cares away.

Now if only I could figure out how to power wash the interior of my house.



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