Some shout outs

First, Canadica! (this is where you salute) It is the newest craze on the internet, the brain child of Sweet Mother. There’s going to be a lot of beaver jokes, Celine Dion lunging, and a detailed analysis of American-Canadian free trade relations. Just kidding about that last one, replace that with dick jokes. Go follow it. It’s a whole lot of really good bloggers writing about Canuckistan and ‘Murica.

There was some sort of party last week and I feel like I woke up with a whole bunch of new phone numbers in my pocket. It was like the 90’s all over again. To anyone who followed me in the wake of the insane Le Clown posse contest, thank you and welcome. I found a whole lot of new blogs I like too, greatly increasing the amount of time I spend on the internet. My husband is SO PLEASED. I guess we all have to genuflect toward Le Clown for everyone finding each other. Amen.

Finally, I wanted to thank Love and Lunchmeat for accepting me onto her zombie apocalypse team. I am really looking forward to the apocalypse now that I have a plan in place. I don’t have anything really revealing to say about myself, but I will be finally getting my blog roll underway some time later this week so that’s how I am going to spread that love. And zombie brains.



    1. Me too; my brain is still less operational than usual.
      I think Canadica will be a lot of fun. Especially with the “free gun and beaver tail” for the first 500 subscribers. (that is a joke in case you’re a weirdo trolling the internet for free guns)

      1. I was momentarily captivated by the thought of free beaver until you mentioned the tail part bringing me back to reality about the rodent. Therefore, I will resume being captivated by the literary offerings of Canadica — a place I’d consider moving to if Romney’s elected. Ugh.

        1. If Romney’s elected I am pretty sure that every Canadian will be required to provide at least one Democrat with shelter for 4 years.
          Sorry about the free beaver thing; I am sure there’s some websites offering that. I am really scared to google though.

          1. I hope that voters that are disillusioned with Obama will still come out and cast their ballots against Romney. I wanted to give that speech at the DNC, but I was told, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

            Glad to know we have friends across the border.

  1. RG,
    As the much cooler peeps than yours truly whom I’ve met at the skateboard camp say: Canadica is going to be sick!

    Do people still use rollerdex?
    Le Clown

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