Canada wins at Thanksgiving today on Canadica! And a contest.

Welcome to Canadica!

We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving here (or as we call it, Thanksgiving). I bet you didn’t know that was a thing, did you, America? We have more in common than you think. For example, well, umm.. we all hate Nickelback! That’s one thing I have learned from Canadica so far; everyone hates Nickelback. Except for those millions of people who keep buying their albums. If I could go back to New Years Eve in 1998 when I was stranded in Edmonton and gently encourage my friend’s crappy band “Nickel Back.. because when you buy a pack of smokes, you get the nickel back.. get it?” to invest in the tech boom instead of making music, I totally goddamned would. We all have regrets.

Thanksgiving: A Comparison

If pop culture tells me anything at all, every single family in America has two adorable children. One is a bright but humorless girl…

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