Hurricane Sandy

I was in New York City for the first time last week. I met some terrific bloggers, including Lame Adventures and Love and Lunchmeat. I narrowly missed meeting a few others, including El Guapo and Brain Tomahawk because Greenwich Village broke my navigational skills. Mostly though, I cherished discovering a new city and everything that I was looking forward to seeing was infinitely better than I expected it to be. All week we had the impending hurricane on our minds though, and we were grateful to be on one of the last flights out before things got canceled. People were preparing but I don’t think anyone was prepared for what came.

I’ll post more about my trip later, but in the meantime go donate to the Red Cross if you’re able, or check out the Huffington Post site for other ways to help.

I hope all of our blogging friends are safe and sound and sending so much love your way.



  1. Thanks RG. We have (hopefully minor) roof damage here, but managed to keep our electricity. (Most of our area lost electricity, absurd number of down trees.) No FIOS, so e-mail and internet are super spotty, but overall really really absurdly lucky. And I’m losing bars, so I’m going to hit comment before I lose the internet again…

  2. RG,
    I’m also extended your wishes to our favourite blogger of ALL-TIME, Madame Weebles and her dear hubby, Le Madame Weebles. That’s it. I’m out of here.
    Le Clown

  3. The Upper West Side came through it well, unlike lower Manhattan which has suffered the worst of it. My friend and boss are without power as is my company so we’re closed. My friend has told me that downtown is chaos without working traffic lights. Plus the subway remains suspended. The tree behind my apartment uprooted, but it fell in such a way no homes were damaged. I’ve had power throughout, too. Just trying to help my friends.

    1. Glad you came through relatively unscathed, V. And good of you to help those around you. I suspect that a bit of charity and goodwill amongst friends will go just as far in turning things around as the relief efforts.

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