Bloggers for Movember

It’s November, yo! The time when you were likely to grow facial hair anyway because it’s freaking cold outside and you can’t find your balaclava. So why not put your money where your mustache is and blog for Movember? Raise some cash for dudes, their prostates, and their mental health.


From the American Mustache Institute Style Guide. For real.

Go to A Clown on Fire to learn more about Bloggers for Movember. 

Most importantly, remember to DONATE. Or grow a mustache. Or just generally be awesome about getting a prostate exam. All these things are going to get you laid, guys. I promise. By someone. I am pretty sure. Don’t hold me to that. I can’t be responsible for that kind of thing.

I am going to plan Friday posts about men’s issues for the rest of Movember. If you have any suggestions or anything topical, please send it my way.


                1. You can have my whole house if I can go live with your family in Vancouver. Does that sound fair? I have never spent time in Ottawa, but I think it’s nice, if a bit dull because it’s a government town. It does have a lot of winter though.

                  1. I like a lot of winter (at least my young self did)…my family is in Ottawa but my friends are in Vancouver – which is GORGEOUS from what I’ve seen but probably unaffordable for a mere librarian such as myself.
                    I’ve not been to Canada since I was 3 so my memories are pretty much nil…

                    Let’s ALL move to Vancouver and visit Ottawa once in a while

  1. Roller,
    Are you really in Alberta? Honestly? Your wit and humour and good sense must be going to waste there. Way to carry on and be the #1 Roller.
    BTW, where can I access the American Mustache Institute Style Guide? (I’m too lazy to google it).

      1. I was only being predictably stereotyped about AB. I have friends in both Calgary and Edmonton and most of them are lovely people.
        I’m thrilled that we are neighbours!

        S.H. should stick to playing piano, but not singing. Or, maybe not even.

        Wow, the options of staches….

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