Things I found in my printer

Today’s edition of “Things I found in my printer” include:


The natural reaction to having these items jammed inside the paper tray of your printer might be upset. On the contrary; it makes me feel better that the cordless phone thing wasn’t all my fault; we were playing a really advanced game of hide and seek with it. I am also happy to report that I am not losing my marbles in thinking that I owned a stapler. The rock; I can’t explain its origins except that I think it’s some kind of sedimentary rock from the Badlands of Alberta.

Three year olds are delightful, aren’t they?



  1. I’m slightly shocked there’s no duplo/megablocks in there to be honest. Maybe that’s just because at work we find it everywhere…and I mean everywhere. Glad you’re not losing your mind! xx

    1. Prior to kids we had dog toys in every possible place, I thought. However, they didn’t have the dexterity to get them in a printer. That’s how I gauge whether my kids have finally become smarter than the dogs.

  2. Didn’t have a printer in the house when my kids were little; best “hide-and seek” discovery was the day my 4-year old decided the VCR was hungry and fed it half her PB&J sandwich. When I asked her why, she said it sucked it right in, so she must have been right!

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