Back from the time warp

HERE I AM! Rocking you like a hurricane. Or maybe more caressing your face like a gentle breeze. I don’t even know anymore. I have a lot happening right now all the time. It’s all good stuff, but it’s so much stuff that I don’t have time for other stuff. Like blogging stuff. I have missed you all though, I swear.

When I started work two months ago I was all manicured, pedicured, spa’ed out, well rested and excited.

The only record I have of myself where I don't look tired.

Proof! I felt awake once!

Now I have been through training and trial by fire. Adding to that is field season, in that being a biology type person who works on industrial type things, spring and summer are the time when all the critters have to stand up and be counted. I am terrible at that sort of thing, so my job is to do paper work while the more talented among us are out enjoying the sunshine. That suits me just fine; I get to go pick up my kids at 5:15 every day and they’re happy to see me. It makes my life.

May is also stupid with birthdays in my family, along with Mother’s Day, inlaws visiting for two weeks. And me insanely deciding that we have to put our house on the market RIGHT NOW the day our inlaws arrived, and despite no evidence that we are going to be able to get our house in show condition without an intervention from that hoarders show.

Did I mention I am in a beekeeping workshop? Yeah. So there’s that too. Although I hate the snow, I am glad at least that our late spring delayed the bees for a couple of weeks this year so I could catch my breath a bit. My hive from last year gave me a lot of grief and I am just going to do a separate post on that for the bee lovers among us.

I have a beekeeping helper this year

I have a beekeeping helper this year

Did I also mention that I am taking a running workshop? I AM GOING TO LOVE RUNNING, GODDAMMIT. Or I am at least going to do it. Because since kids, I can endure basically anything for any amount of time.

This may have been more than I was up for, but in typical rollergiraffe fashion, I careened right into it. As a result, all of that pampering and pedicuring wore off quickly. This is a recent photo:

Smoking relaxes me

Smoking relaxes me

My kids are totally validating my daycare provider’s assumption that I was really shitty at parenting. When they started daycare they were hot messes and we were limping in every day barely alive. In the last two months they have learned to dress themselves, mastered potty training, learned all the continents and many countries, learned to write their names, done art projects that I can’t even do, grown grass, and learned a whole second language. I worked for TWO YEARS on that potty training thing. So, basically feeling pretty amazing about my daycare picking skills, you guys.

But they’re FOUR! My babies are four, and of all the things I have been through this month, that is the most exciting and fun. They’re so cool right now. I love every day that they come home with something new.


Fourth birthday at the amusement park

One of these kids is a bit dramatic. I'll let you figure out which.

One of these kids is a bit dramatic. I’ll let you figure out which.

Anyway, I make no promises about blogging right now, but do know that I do my best to keep up with y’all’s prodigious blogging pace. So tell me, how are YOU?


  1. The timing of this post with the email I sent you a little while ago is such a lovely coincidence, Jen. Glad that you’re doing well and you’ve just been too busy to blog. Hey, that happens. I love the pictures of your little men and the shot of The Scowler is hilarious. I’ve been swamped, too. Writing a book is one challenge, but I’m now taking on a new phase of sleep deprivation as I figure out a marketing strategy. I so wish I had time to do this while I’m at The Grind, but real life doesn’t offer that particular perk. How cruel!

    1. It was! I saw the e-mail just after I hit the send button. I promise I will get to a reply sooner than later. I am so impressed that you finished and published a book, and now to tackle marketing seems monumental, but I am sure it will be more fun than expected.

    1. Let’s curl up and have a nap Alice. I need one so very badly. Surprisingly (or not at all surprisingly), being at work is much more relaxing than twin wrangling all day. I felt like I was in charge of two small ocelots all day.

    1. Really? I thought they magnified my eyes rather nicely. Plus they keep the cigar ash out. Also good to see you BroJo. I have been keeping up sort of on your blog.. and am happy to see you happy.

  2. What a nice surprise, Jen! Thanks for the update – sounds like you’re in an overachieving mode right now! Good on you! Also glad the boys are doing well. I’ll look forward to the beekeeping post – I love those!

    1. Thank you Cathy! Good to hear from you. I have been reading your posts on the fly and not doing sensible things like commenting. I have yet to figure out how to balance that part of my life, or work it in as it were. But, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely spring.

  3. I feel tired just reading this! You have been busy! Also, I am going to make “Because since kids, I can endure basically anything for any amount of time” my mantra when I’m struggling through running or just staying awake through a bowl of cereal.

    1. Truth. I noticed that during my first run. I took the exact same learn to run class before kids and failed miserably. Post kids, I was like “you only need 25 minutes? Shit, no probs.”

  4. Dear God, I’ve missed you. Since you last posted, my life has been bereft, empty, a mere shadow of what it once was. Tumbleweeds roll through my brain. If it’s really quiet, you can hear the whistling noise of the wind passing between my ears.

    But now that you’re back, suddenly colors seem brighter, food tastes better (except that shit from Monsanto), the air feels fresher, and suddenly I can run faster and jump higher. I can cook a ten-course meal in under 15 minutes. I can remove stains on clothing just by looking at them. I accidentally passed my hand over my kitchen faucet just now and wine came out. Life is truly remarkable now that you’re back.

    1. Dearest Weebs, My heart, my mind is filled with hope and light on reading this. I too feel as though the world is right again with you in my life. Let’s share some of that faucet wine and see where the night takes us.

    1. I know! It’s a summer long apprenticeship actually.. I had a hive last year and now I have two more hives coming this year and we go out and do field days and stuff. We’re lucky to have a huge advocate for urban beekeeping here in the city.

  5. Holy crap, you’ve been busy!
    Almost makes me feel like a slacker.

    Great to hear from you, and to hear that you and the family are having such fun!

    1. No need to feel like a slacker. I just like to cram all the stuff in all at once and then have long periods of burnout recovery. Balance is something I have not figured out in my 36 years.

  6. I can’t wait to hear how you juggle all of THAT.
    About running – I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns, and so I plan to exploit my primordial brain by getting the app Zombies, Run! and trick myself into running for survival. Should be interesting…

    1. I HATE running too. I hate it. But I feel like it’s something I should be able to conquer so I am making myself do it. It’s all about kicking life in the ass these days. The zombie app is a good idea. We actually have a zombie run here where you run 5 k and if you get tagged you have to go be a zombie. Full makeup provided, along with a full dose of awesomeness.

  7. So how did you fit in time to write this post? Or did you dictate this to the boys? (Very cute little men!) Seriously you are one busy lady, and MOM.
    Lovely to read a post from you as you catch your breath.

    1. I took about 20 minutes off from pointless Facebook games to finally put some thoughts down. I should do that more often, but I really want to excel at Papa Pear whatever, you know?

      1. Or do you mean Candy Crush? I haven’t played yet, but I hear it’s a time warp in itself.
        And if you can get that off in 20 min, you are a time management Queen.

        1. Oh man, I maxed out on Candy Crush. Fortunately they stop you every so often in hopes that you’ll start paying for your addiction, but they have seriously misjudged the depth of my cheapness.

  8. SO HAPPY you’re back! Also, don’t feel badly about your kids not longer being hot messes now that you’ve gone back to work. Kids always behave differently with strangers, they’re less stubborn about following a regimen. I worked in a daycare when I was younger, and was surprised to see how many kids “turned” the moments their parents walked in the door.

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