SOPA – Stop it

Stop it with the internet censorship, US. Seriously.. it’s a terrible idea. Without the internet working the way it does how would we ever Keep up with the Kardashians? How would geeks and lonely moms everywhere vent all their frustrations and pretend like their lives are normal and FINE? HOW WOULD WE KNOW CATS LIKE CHEESEBURGERS? Our lives would be terrible. Within a week of enacting SOPA I am pretty sure every city in the US would be burned to the ground. And that’s not a threat, I just think that most people would go insane the first day that their favourite website was blocked and start everything on fire. The internet is providing us with some good distraction while the economy spirals out of control, the environment slowly gets replaced with plastic and wars rage all over the place. At least let us have that while you fuck up the world in a thousand other ways, ok politicians?

P.S. I wish I could join you in the blackout. I seriously do, but I am no technical wizard. It is way too much for me to figure out how to install a plug in, so go visit Wikipedia if you want to look at a blacked out page. And be glad there’s people out there leading the charge against these things, because if I was in charge of the internet it would still be a scribbling in a notebook somewhere that I discussed over Friday Night Pints.

P.P.S. I figured it out and now you can’t read my post. I am a wizard.

my wizard offspring

P.P.P.S. I am not actually a wizard. I am literate and I can follow simple instructions on the internet.. like the little check box that WordPress so helpfully provided because they care. You should too. Write your congressperson and let’s hope they’re literate too.