On being Freshly Pressed

Being Freshly Pressed was pretty exciting, I admit. It never occurred to me when I started this blog that anyone would actually read it, and for a long time it was just me recounting my various disasters to myself. I was cool with that. But then I started looking around WordPress and found that there were really amazing bloggers out there, and my network expanded with the help of a certain Le Clown you may have heard of.  That dude is everywhere.

And when I was Freshly Pressed, I was pressed with friends, including the Ringmistress, and that was amazing.

The Ringmistress, The Rollergiraffe and Le Clown, all on one page.

I am glad that this little corner of the blogosphere that Le Clown created is getting recognition, because there are some really wonderful writers, the atmosphere is festive, and everyone is terribly kind and supportive. My blog is starting to feel like a home where all my friends drop in, and it has added a whole new dimension to writing for me.

I am glad that being Freshly Pressed allowed me to widen my net a little bit and meet some new faces. I gained a few new followers yesterday and I am truly happy for that. But even better is to be able to peruse through all of your blogs (once my hands have uncramped from checking my stats every 30 seconds and my voice has recovered from all the gleeful squealing) and find more people to hang out with. So if you visited, thank you. I hope you stay and I hope we chat about good things.

As for my rut? Well, I struggled with putting it out there into the world, but now I am so glad I did. Knowing people have been there before and made it out is inspirational, and it feels better to unburden myself of it. Maybe this is the universe providing the nudge I need to get out.

And now because I can’t maintain serious sentiment for a long time and I am awkward at endings, here is a picture of a really weird sea creature.